Using technology to

Custom Software

Software to drive sales, serve customers, and grow business.
Throughout my career, I've embraced my passion for designing software to solve problems and meet the needs a growing and changing businesses.


With 17+ years of experience managing a small to medium sized business, and with a strong focus on using technology to grow and differentiate that business, I'm excited to bring these skills in technology, operations, and strategy to a new team.

Education and Proficiencies

I'm a graduate of Stony Brook University, on Long Island.
I have database and programming experience, along with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and barriers to entry faced by today's small businesses.

Professional Development

I've always admired the Walt Disney Company's culture and was fortunate enough to attend their innovative professional development courses.

The courses explored the key elements of a successful business—including leadership and employee excellence, an exceptional customer experience, and sustainable results.

December 2020

The Gartner Marketing Symposium offered insights, advice, and tools to excel in expanding leadership roles, build a winning strategy, and deploy the right technology to drive results.